Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Mochi Megane New Arrangement and Ideas!

This blog post is about some recent development of the song "Mochi Megane", you can click this link to see older version of the song with detailed video and lyrics. 

During one class, one of the students accidentally play the odaiko on "tan" instead of "ko", so we decided to include that in our new arrangement!

Trying out a new arrangement of the clapping game! We are combining the Mochi Mochi LA clapping games with our Mochi Megane. (and "flossing" has become so popular, we ought to include that....)  =) It's a challenge but we are having loads of fun!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Thank You Song

Kahuli Aku Kahuli Mai - New Beta Version

Kahuli aku
Kahuli mai
Kahuli lei ʻula
Lei akolea
Kolea, kolea
Kiʻi ka wai
Wai akolea
Wai akolea

Hula Dance demonstrated by Amanda Stone

Beta (upright) version by Taiko Together Sunday (3-4yr) class